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Winners Annual Sponsorship

Sponsor a category section in the printed AAB Showcase Awards annual with a full page logo, (and 1 entry fee included.)

3 additional ways AAB Showcase can get your best work seen...

Top 10 List (and more)

Expand your impact above the Top 10 list. Choose your city – or choose a neighboring city you want to expand to.

Reserve your entry space (1 of 9 spaces) by purchasing.

6 Simple Steps to Entering Creative Work

Step 1

AAB will contact you at the email address given at purchase. We will ask which category, which client and which piece you would like to select from your current online portfolio.

Step 2

AAB will create an entry listing online, with an accompanying case study webpage based on the information available from your online portfolio.

Step 3

AAB will present you with a proof once the entries are set and the category is scheduled. You may change any image or copy at this time.

Step 4

Corrections are approved and judging begins. You will be encouraged to support your own work, and to use social media to promote your entry to others in the marketing industry. Over the season, with 10 categories, you will judge in all 10, and the crossover voting from 89 other agencies encourages greater participation and more accurate results.

Step 5

Judging concludes. Gold, Silver and Bronze positions are recognized. The results are printed in the AAB Winners Annual, which is circulated to our 3,000 judges, 18,000 direct contacts, and 5,000,000 social contacts.

Your work is displayed on the AAB Winners page so that future competitors, clients and creatives may view it.

Step 6

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Weekly Newsletter

AAB includes your differentiating information to our 3,000 judges, along with your links and your home page image.

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Find Out More

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