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61 Cities

DETROIT – Lafayette American is a brand-new company with 7 decades of combined experience. Individually, we’ve worked in practically every category – from cars to fashion to healthcare to finance to fast food to packaged goods. And we’ve solved problems for our clients with advertising, design, PR...

Lafayette American

Randy Parietti

DENVER – "We shape our own lives, but I am here to capture it". – Randy Parietti.

With over 25 years experience, Randy has generated a reputation for capturing exceptional visual solutions that embrace the story in every shot. His lifestyle images bring the viewer in...

Steve Swartz

ST. LOUIS – I help consumers develop brand preferences for widgets and services in today’s overcrowded, post-need, first–world-problem marketplace. If you are into that sort of thing.

LOS ANGELES – I am an animation artist working in mobile games, educational games, and TV.  My clients include Nickelodeon Games, Originator, Age of Learning, Starfall, and Renegade Animation.

Vanessa Maglio




Photographers need eyes on their work.

AAB provides a targeted solution where business marketing managers and agency creative directors get a chance to see their best work in a fast, clean, and informative manner.

Everyone wins.

There are never enough clients for a freelancer.

When one job ends, the search for the next opportunity goes into overdrive.

AAB seeks to match freelancers to new business through our growing community of client and agency judges.

Each illustrator has their own style.

But if that style is not seen by the right people, then that illustrator will never be considered for an upcoming project.

Exposure is the goal, and that's what AAB strives to give illustrators who ask AAB for their own free profile.

For a limited time, AAB will be providing free profiles to our judges. If you would like to show your work to our 3,000 members, use the button here to email us and let us know your interest.

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While most of the AAB community is made up of agency and client marketing professionals, many are freelancers, photographers, illustrators and web designers.

Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the work of these members of our community, and please click on the "More" buttons if you would like to see a wider collection of their work.

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If you represent an advertising agency, and you are interested in entering work to be judged by our 3,000 AAB judges, we encourage you to participate. Enter your best work from your online portfolio – free.

Greg Clow, Director

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