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The best work you’ve never seen.

Thousands of votes are received from members of the marketing, advertising, design and digital industries in the U.S.

As a judge, you get to review some of the best creative work you have never seen.

Why haven't you seen it? Because the standard award shows only show you their 1 selection - even if 10, 20, or 30 were equally good.

AAB shows you all 9 entries. You get to decide who is the best.

Our goal:

Get your best work seen.

Our judges are like you – agency and marketing professionals who are immersed in advertising every day, and instinctively know what is new, innovative, creative and strong.

Importantly, our judges include prospective clients, brand managers and CMOs. These judges know the creative which works for their customers, and they are looking for the next agency to propel their brand to greater heights.

They just need to find that connection.

Agencies, Clients, Judges. Everyone wins.

Agencies and clients discover new sources for creative solutions, and get exposed to previously unseen creative. Judges compete for their best records. A perfect symbiotic relationship.

That's the way creative awards should be.

American Ad Books and the AAB Showcase Awards

AAB publishes source books for marketing managers. The AAB Showcase Awards are a method of introducing these managers to new advertising agencies and new photographers, while celebrating agency creatives for outstanding creative work.

1-to-1 Connection

If you have never heard of American Ad Books or the AAB Showcase Awards, that's because all of our communication is done 1-to-1, not through media campaigns.

This keeps the cost of entering low, and provides our judges and competitors more personal attention.

AAB guarantees that the right people see your work, read your case study, learn about your agency, and have direct access to your contact information – because they are our judges.

Esparza Advertising

Client: Cake Fetish Cupcakes

Albuquerque, New Mexico

2018 AAB Showcase Awards

Every entry included

Unlike all other award shows, we include every entry and every case study in the Winners Annual.


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